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Audiovision Projects

To have a video wall on the outside shopfront accompanied by a info screen inside the store, displaying the same content.

High quality audio must accompany the video images that sounds full-bodied at low volumes, but must be able to raise the volume levels "to create a vibe".

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To have excellent quality audio when playing loudly or softly, but the system must be able to "take the punch" when the excitement levels get high! HD quality video is to accompany the audio on all 5 screens.

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To have a high-end music system that occupies very little space and delivers true high-end music. Old music collections have been gotten rid of and needed a new solution


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The ability to play all kinds of media from their old vinyl to CDs and CD quality-or-beter-streaming. 

2 Rooms 

  • Music room
  • Braai room / Bar

All control from a single interface

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No unsightly boxes, all speakers in-ceiling, except the main speakers that may be seen. High quality audio with TV as a focal point and all sources must be streamed via very high-speed 100Mbps internet

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