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Trendy eatery / bar

Trendy eatery / bar
Client breif: 

To have excellent quality audio when playing loudly or softly, but the system must be able to "take the punch" when the excitement levels get high! HD quality video is to accompany the audio on all 5 screens.

Solution / System: 
  • 5 x 55" smart TV screens with multiple DSTV decoders feeding the TVs
  • Black speakers (with overload protection) mounted tight in corners between the ceiling and the wall up high, augmented by 2 subwoofers to add bass punch.
  • Multi-channel amplifier driving all the speakers, each with an independent channel of power.
  • iOS or android app controls all streaming music, source selection and volume levels.


  • Samsung
  • Cornered Audio
  • Klipsch
  • Pioneer