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3. CD / DVD / BluRay Players

Submitted by Testing on Mon, 09/07/2015 - 06:55

What makes one CD / DVD player better than the other?

  • The better the transport mechanism (the part spinning the disc and opening/closing) is, the more accurately the digital code gets retrieved and therefore the less the error correction circuits have to work to correct the signal.
  • The better the DSP (digital signal processing) circuits, the more accurately the digital signal is transferred and extracted as well as prepared for conversion to analogue. Some players can up-convert the incoming signals and refine inherent flaws in the code to further improve the sound.
  • Obviously the better the conversion process from digital (the computer code) to analogue (what us humans hear), the better the quality of the player. Good quality converters make the sound smooth and life-like, whereas cheap converters have a very low resolution with a very harsh sound.
  • The better and more stable the power supply of a player, the less chance there are for the player to introduce errors in its operation. If the power is clean, stable and plentiful the player will sound and look drastically better than with an unstable supply full of interference.