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18. LCD Display

Submitted by Testing on Mon, 09/07/2015 - 07:32

LCD technology has been around for quite a long time and have recently become almost commonplace everywhere. Although the display panels resemble that of plasma, the technology is completely different. This is because, LCD uses a backlight panel. This is literally a very large, flat panel of light at the back of the display. In front of the light panel, there are three light filters (Red, Green, Blue) that colour the light as it comes from the back. Because an LCD panel has a backlight, it can be very bright and be used in brightly lit areas, this, unfortunately, also means that achieving true black for very dark scenes is very difficult as the thee filters has to close completely, to eliminate all light from the back, which is almost impossible. The backlight panel also makes it very difficult to make the LCD panels very big and the biggest panels (at 65") are still considerably smaller than the biggest plasmas. LCD can also be used as a projection medium where the backlight is not a panel, but a lamp with lens focusing a beam of light through the filter panel and projecting the image on a screen.