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Compact, floor standing speakers 

The Tannoy Revolution DC4T Speakers are a superior, full-range, floor standing speaker with exceptional imaging and detail wrapped up in a beautifully finished, stylish cabinet.

Tannoy's famous dual-concentric driver (in which the high-frequency tweeter is mounted within the centre of the low-frequency woofer) generates a superior stereo image by delivering a full frequency response from a single point.

The Revolution DC4Ts exceptionally well-built, real wood veneered cabinets have a distinctive shape with gently angled, non-parallel sides and heavy internal bracing to eliminate the damaging effects of cabinet resonances on overall sound quality. However Tannoy don't only use the finest materials on the outside of the cabinet; the quality and attention to detail run all the way through. High quality crossovers featuring audiophile grade capacitors and silver plated internal wiring preserve the purity of the signal delivered to the drivers, ensuring you get the most accurate, satisfying musical results.

With the DC4T's additional bass driver these compact floor standers deliver music with the full scale and bass power sometimes needed to give a convincing performance, whilst keeping the clarity and detail that makes the Revolution range stand out from the competition.


A dynamic blend of design and performance set to transform music and movie entertainment in today’s homes. Latest technologies, engineering principles and cabinet construction combine for a compact, sumptuous loudspeaker with the accuracy, scale and drama of much larger traditional designs. All three models and the dedicated subwoofer are hand finished in a choice of Light Oak or the darker Espresso veneer and equipped with comprehensive system connectivity for easy partnering with your home theatre electronics.

Play music

In two channel systems Revolution excels at pin-point imaging and revealing the finest of musical details. The WideBand Dual Concentric driver delivers genuine three-dimension imaging underpinned by low frequency extension that combines sheer visceral attack with the expressive tonal detailing required for woodwind and bass string instruments.

Play movies

With multi-channel music and film soundtracks, Revolution delivers a huge soundstage backed by stunning transient impact and deep bass effects. The voice-matched dialogue speaker uses an identical driver configuration to preserve seamless surround integration and crisp, timbre-perfect voices irrespective of genre or volume.

A real solution

Whether you love music or movies, Beatles or Bach, drama or all-action adventure, Revolution delivers with passion and elegance in equal measure; opulent looks, powerful performance and ideally suited to the widest range of source formats from vinyl LP to DTS HD Master Audio.

Audiophile crossover

Low loss laminated core inductors and audiophile-grade polypropylene capacitors are used exclusively throughout the Revolution range. This no-compromise approach ensures the best possible signal integrity to both the HF and LF sections of the Dual Concentric™ driver, enhancing the pin-sharp imaging and point-source musical integrity for which Tannoy’s ‘Dual’ driver is famed.

Optimum signal path

To minimise pathway signal losses and reduce interaction between individual components, internal structure and component topology is kept as simple as possible. This attention to fine detail runs throughout the Revolution design.

Precious metal components

Silver-plated, high purity oxygen-free copper internal wiring and chromed speaker terminals are a true high-end feature of the Revolution range. These exotic components offer low-loss, high current signal transfer to ensure every musical nuance is reproduced.

Trapezoid cabinets

Giving Revolution its distinctive look and compact footprint, the trapezoidal cabinet design reduces internal resonances and reflections. This acoustically ideal form combined with internal bracing enhances rigidity creating a speaker with incredibly low cabinet colouration.



Recommended Amplifier Power (Watts RMS)

20 - 125

Continuous Power Handling (Watts Peak RMS)


Peak Power Handling (Watts)


Sensitivity (2.83 Volts @ 1m)


Nominal Impedance (Ohms)


Frequency Response (-6dB)

54Hz - 54kHz

Dispersion (Degrees Conical)


Drive Unit

Dual Concentric High Frequency

19mm (0.75”) titanium dome with tulip WaveGuide

Dual Concentric Low Frequency

100mm (4.00”) treated paper pulp cone with rubber surround

33mm (1.33”) edge wound voice coil

Bass Driver

100mm (4.00") treated paper pulp cone with rubber surround

33mm (1.33") edge wound coil


Crossover Frequency


Crossover Type

Passive low loss 2nd order LF, 1st order HF


Enclosure Type

Rear ported

Magnetic Shielding



11.73L (0.414 cu. ft.)

Dimensions (excl grille)

H x W x D

850 x 152 x 162mm

(33.46 x 5.98 x 6.38”)





Light oak