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We (almost) forgot to have fun

Submitted by Audiovision on Fri, 07/08/2016 - 12:32

In the recent past we saw a radical transformation from simple stereo systems to massively complex home theatre systems with many speakers surrounding the listeners and eventually many users became lost in the noise. Whilst the start of the multi-channel movement was noble enough, it soon became a competition to see who could have the most speakers, subwoofers and effects to dazzle the listeners with.

There were a few manufacturers that desperately tried to preach the virtues of less-is-more and appeal to prospective buyers to be mindful not be trapped into buying what (on paper at least) seemed to be excellent value, but in reality was a little more than smoke and mirrors.

The simplest way to distinguish fact from fiction in audio products is to look at what a simple, two channel amplifier from any brand sells for versus what a similarly powered five or seven channel amplifier with surround processor, video switching et al from the same brand retails for. It is often very close to be exactly the same price. So the question is why the disparity?

As time went by and the novelty wore off, people gradually grew tired of all the bells and whistles and eventually realised that all the paper value amounted to very little and there was a very good reason why simple, stereo systems sold for close to the same amount of money. This resulted in a gradual swing back to real value.

People were tired of complexity, unnecessary features and sub standard performance.

Today we are again selling mostly specialist stereo systems with the focus on music and performance. In the end we had taken an extraordinary road to arrive where we started - the simple enjoyment of music. Ultimately we simply wanted music in the best possible way. The reason we always advocated for real Wi-Fi systems is because it makes you feel like you're there and eventually everybody realised it.

The real advances in audio isn't by having as many speakers in one room as possible, it's having music everywhere! Today we see fabulous new development in high resolution audio streaming by using your Wi-Fi network you get what you always wanted - high resolution music, everywhere, constantly, with no restriction and no wires. Now that's progress...