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Spectre in IMAX is a spectacle in the best Bond tradition

Submitted by Audiovision on Sun, 11/29/2015 - 20:15

Spectre has been on circuit a few days in south Africa now and with it somes the end of a Bond era. Daniel Craig has served faithfully as the franchise's main protagonist for a good couple of years now. Whilst the plot and genre is a matter of preference, the latest Bond adventure is certainly a spectacle for the eyes and ears. If you are lucky enough, you'll have the opportunity to see the film in a proper theatre and the best of these is certainly the IMAX. 

With this weekend's showing of Spectre at the IMAX, we are happy to report that it lives up to all the hype - and then some. The IMAX is (ironically) better at audio than video as it makes use of high-quailty digital video projection ad well as some serious digital audio surround sound. Whilst the video quality suffers the typical digital artifact-induced lag and image stagger (especially in fast paced action scenes) the audio is certainly the best that is commercially available - if not anywhare. 

The digital vs. analogue debate will probable never cease, with us being analogue creatures afterall, but large-scale digital video projection still has some way to go before it is truly better than a first viewing of a great IMAX film reel. that said, the digital projection of Spectre is good, if not great. Anyone that has an interest in video quality will the see the problem straight off the bat. Others might wonder wh ythey can;t see any detail when the action gest going, but despite your particular proclivities, you WILL notice the lag and staggering image as the limited file size and projector tries to keep up with the speed of the action sequences. Unfortunately, the enormous size exacerbates the problem to a measure that everyone will recognise. 

The audio is a different matter entirely. As IMAX pays special attention to audio, the difference is obvious as you enter the theatre. Rock concert-style audio rigs hang from the rear corners - and those are the ones you can see. The speaker stacks behind the screen are much more impressive and they make sure you notice as soon as the first explosion strikes. Audio is powerful, controlled and, well, SPECTACULAR. If there is one reason to go see Spectre, even if you can't stand the genre, go for the audio. We have often said that the best reason never to go out is a great audio system, and that holds true, but if you are in any way an audiophile - go see Spectre at the IMAX. The audio is clean and delivered in such a precise way that even when the action scenes get really intense, the audio remains focused and clean, without hurting one's ears. Obviously the biggest benefit is the SPL (sound pressure level - or volume level) is far higher than a conventional domestic environment could allow and yet it always stays in balance and within control. It is truly the closest one could get to a great home audio system.

Unless you have neighbour issues. Then call us. We can solve that too.